Patriots Tame Lions, 45-24

  Detroit started tough, but ended up looking like a bunch of big pussy cats. For a while there, it appeared that the Patriots may have found themselves snagged in yet another trap game.  Late in the second quarter, the Pats were down 14-3, with the Lions' defense hitting Brady like a pinata, and their […]

New England Pins Indy 31-28!

DING!  DING!  DING! On the game's final drive, I was sure that one of two things would happen.  Either the Colts were scoring another touchdown and ending the game, or somebody on the Patriots' defense was going to have to come up with the big play to force a turnover.  Just like last season, where […]

Take THAT! – Patriots Defeat Steelers

Now Big Ben knows what it feels like to be assaulted. When the Patriots stunk it up against Cleveland last week, I did my best to not blow things out of proportion.  It was a bad game against a mediocre team, surrounded by the perfect storm of a "trap" game and the Browns coming off […]

Game Recap: Patriots @ Browns

  I don't know if I've ever been this unhappy to be right, but I nailed this game back in August.  As I went through the schedule, predicting the outcome game by game, I defied conventional logic and pegged this trip to Cleveland as a loss.  All the classic signs of a meltdown were there.  […]

Mankins to Man Up, Rejoin Pats

Without any football to play, Logan Mankins has spent his time off focusing on growing out his sweet· beard. November has certainly been a busy month of flip-flopping for New England Patriots malcontents.· Not even one day in, and we've already seen Randy Moss get himself cut from the Vikings and potentially make his way […]

Game Recap: Patriots @ Chargers

Whew… Games against the Chargers always make me nervous.  For whatever reason, the Patriots rarely seem to have  "normal" game against them, and today's game certainly didn't buck that trend.  All week long I felt a bit uneasy about this one.  It was a classic trap game.  We had a big "feel good" win against […]

Branch, DirecTV, Redemption, and Revenge

    Before I get into the meat of the game recap, I want to start off with a personal story.  I had been assigned to work a 24-hour shift at the hospital yesterday, which meant that if I was going to avoid having the Patriots game spoiled for me, it was going to require […]

Defending the Hair

It's been the running joke across the blogosphere this season – Tom Brady's hair.  The topic has been overused to the point where it's cliche and no longer funny, just like puns about Brett Favre "retiring", Al Davis being dead, Rothlisberger's treatment of women, and Rex Ryan's waistline. (Ok, so maybe Rex Ryan fat jokes […]

Game Recap: Patriots @ Miami

Normally, this is where I'd make some comment about the Patriots' silencing their doubters, but there was anything but silence during the Patriots' raucous 41-14 routing of Miami.  Last night, the Patriots did something that they hadn't done in over a year: play well in the 2nd half of a big-time road game.  They did […]

Game Recap: Patriots vs. Bills

  Truth be told, this Week 3 game vs. Buffalo was far more notable than it should have been.  Thanks to a Brandon Tate fumble and a huge special teams gaffe, the Patriots allowed the Bills to score 14 more points than they probably should have.  I've heard a lot of talk about how the […]

Game Recap: Patriots @ Jets

I felt really, really good about this game all week.  The Patriots had looked stellar in their Week 1 win, while the Jets looked putrid.  I was certainly aware of the fact that Week 1 games can be utterly deceiving, but it just seemed like the Patriots had finally shed the ghosts that haunted them […]

Wha’ Happened?

  A loss for the Jets is like a win for the Patriots, so at the moment, New England is 2-0.  I won't spend too much time gloating, because disaster could easily strike next week, but after months and months of hearing all the Jets "hype", I think a little mockery is in order.   […]

Foot, Meet Mouth

  Nothing like some off-the-field drama to sully a spectacular win yesterday.   We'll start off with the report from Mike Reiss at  Apparently two weeks ago, the Patriots and Logan Mankins sat down to bury the hatchet and make Mankins a very rich person.  They had deal estimated to be around $50 million […]

Game Recap: Patriots vs. Bengals

  Make no mistake, that was a big, BIG, win for the Patriots today.  I was pretty confident that the Patriots would pull out a close one, but I never expected the shellacking that they delivered on the Bengals.  We've covered the losses of Warren, Mankins, and Bodden ad nauseum on this blog.  I can't […]

Regeneration: 2010 NFL Season Preview

The 60's Packers, the 70's Steelers, the 80's Niners, the 90's Cowboys, the 00's Patriots.  Their times have come and gone.  A new decade has dawned, waiting for that one team to leave their indellible stamp upon it.  As the 2010 season kicks off for the New England Patriots on Sunday, the 53 men in […]