AFF Challenge

Mega Man faces off against some real nasty robots.


The title screen for this game does not display properly.  Just press start and the rest of the game should run normally.

Created By: L.Soft Hacks

Game Info: Mr. Bruno, also known as "The Impostor", is a shapeshifting evil do-er. Serius a.k.a. "The Copier", has to stop Mr. Bruno, while assisted by Dr. Cyber and his sister, Sara. Skullbot 1101X, a.k.a. "Skullby", is a skeleton robot who can cut stuff up! Then Tedriss, a giant Tedi from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, wants to rip your head off! Voltang, an electrical unit bot, is a high powered robot capable of messing you up. Meanie, a mean guy, is ice-cold, oooooooooooo! Sam Sinister is a tricky kniving jerk. Last but not least, Hot Hitt is a demon who wants to send you to eternal damnation.


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