Mario Adventure

The most comprehensive 8-bit Super Mario Bros. game ever.


Note: Do NOT press Z in the overworld to flip over the items.  Your game will freeze if you do. 

Created By: Dahrk Daiz 

Game Info:  Mario Adventure plays very similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, but the game engine has many new features. In addition to new graphics and text, there are also original musical melodies, a full line up of all new levels, new power ups, new abilities for Mario, and even new enemies! These are not simple graphics changes we're talking about.   These are completely new power ups and monsters like money mushrooms, Invisible Mario, time-stopping potions, Kuribo Shoes that don't disappear, many types of Shy Guys, and more! The game also features random weather patterns, boss battles on every stage, and infinite lives. In this game you use coins go to to buy items from Toad's house and get some level exits to appear. And last, but not least, there are also switchable, power ups just like in Super Mario World!

Other Notes:  The freezing that occurs in theh overworld when pressing "Z" is a bug between the game and the program that lets it run within a web browser.  Overall, this is not a huge problem since you have infinite lives and don't desperately need to begin levels with a power-up. 

To begin playing, you must click the game screen with your mouse.  Then the keyboard controls will work.

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