Mega Man V: Time Attack

Mega Man takes off in a race against time.


Note: There is a bug which will cause the stage select screen to be unreadable.  Instructions on how to deal with this issue can be found below.

Created By: Dragon Eye Studios 

Game Info: Mega Man 5 Time Attack drastically alters the setup of Mega Man 5 so that it is now a race against the clock rather than a battle against Wily. The scores are stored on a Top 10 list for each stage. Also added is an in-game menu which allows you to continue playing a stage, restart a stage, or return to the main menu. This is definitely a great version for Mega Man fans to play as it adds a ton of replay value to the game.

Other Notes: The bug which makes the stage select screen unreadeable is due to an incompatibiliyt error between the Mega Man V: Time Attack game and the progrem which allows it to be played within a web browser.  By default, the stage selector is set to "Gravity Man".  You can change the stage using the left and right arrow keys, with the right arrow key advancing you forward.  Here is the list of stages, in order, so you can know how many times to press the right arrow key.

2. Waveman
3. Stoneman
4. Gyroman
5. Starman
6. Chargeman
7. Napalmman
8. Crystalman
9. Protoman1
10. Protoman2
11. Protoman3
12. Protoman4
13. Wily1
14. Wily2
15. Wily3
16. Wily 4


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