Mushroom Nightmare

Mario and Luigi must rescue the Chancellor from Bowser.


Created By: Googie

Game Info: Bowser has taken the Mushroom Chancellor hostage and is using his power to warp the landscape to his wicked desire. His forces are all over the land, and the Mario Bros. must come to the rescue again before the King of the Koopas forces the Chancellor to forfeit his powers to him.

This time around the Super Mario Bros. now have different abilities! Mario, being the one that previously rescued the princess, is more experienced of the two. He is able to jump higher than his brother. However, due to his larger mass, it takes a longer amount of time and distance for him to stop, after a sprint. Luigi plays exactly like Mario, or Luigi from the original game.

To begin playing, you must click the game screen with your mouse.  Then the keyboard controls will work.

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