Beefing Up the Offense

Heading into the draft, the focus for Patriots fans was pass-rush, pass-rush, pass-rush.  However, that seemingly huge area of weakness for the Patriots went largely unaddressed during the 2011 draft.  Instead, it seemed that Bill Belichick's focus was directed in an entirely different direction, that is, smash-mouth, smash-mouth, smash-mouth.  Belichick spent a total of five […]

Where’s the Pass-Rush?

By far, the largest criticism of the Patriots draft this weekend was the fact that Bill Belichick did seemingly little to address New England's pass-rush woes.  However, it's quite possible, (and actually quite probable) that Belichick has a much different view of his defense than all the pundits out there.  Here's a look at what […]

Unsung Hero: Drew Bledsoe

Being a Patriots fan has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of my life.  When I look back at the past seventeen years, there's really one man to thank for this experience:  Drew Bledsoe.  As a young sports fan in North Jersey, I never liked to follow the crowd.  Instead of going […]

The Heart of a Champion

As a die-hard Patriots fan, I already knew the story – the kid who didn't start on his own high school football team, who had to scrape and claw to stay on the field in college, who was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft, who finally got his shot the day Drew Bledsoe went […]

Tom Brady’s Dance Moves

By now I'm sure you've seen the "scandalous" footage of Tom Brady busting a move at Carnivale in Brazil.  The media is having a field day with this at the moment, partly because, A. There's nothing else NFL-related to talk about, B. Brady, who is great a putting his best foot forward in public, does […]

Logan Mankins: Here We Go Again…

Here we go again I kinda wanna be more than friends So take it easy on me I'm afraid you're never satisfied. Here we go again We're sick like animals We play pretend You're just a cannibal And I'm afraid I wont get out alive No I won't sleep tonight – Neon Trees, "Animal" I […]

Welker Put Foot in His Mouth

Wes Welker admitted yesterday that he regretted the veiled shots he took at Rex Ryan by making multiple foot references in a press conference leading up to the Patriots playoff game with the Jets. "I’m not going to get into any details about it, but I don’t think it’s worth putting coach (Belichick) in that […]

Who to Root For?

It's the question that I've been asking myself all week:  Who do I root for in the AFC Championship?   As a Pats fan, the correct answer is that I root for a huge earthquake to level Heinz Field and swallow up both the Jets and the Steelers, but that's not very likely.   So assuming […]

2010 Season Eulogy: Pats Fall to Jets

It's hard to believe the Patriots' 2010 run is over.  After looking so good for so long, the season came to a grinding halt.  Making matters even worse is that they lost to the their hated rival, the Jets, and opened the door for a solid eight straight months of smack talk regardless of whether […]

Patriots Phocus and Depheat the Phins 38-7

  While the Patriots victory today could hardly be called a "huge" win, seeing as the outcome of the game was completely meaningless standings-wise, I do think that the team's 38-7 drubbing of Miami did make a big statement.  It doesn't require a great memory to remember Week 17 of last season.  The Patriots failed […]

Break Out the Hats and T-Shirts!

Only twice in the past ten seasons have the New England Patriots failed to capture the AFC East Division title.  However, I don't think that there's ever been a season where winning the division has felt so good.  For months, Patriots fans have heard how the Jets were Super Bowl contenders and how control of […]

Patriots Sneak Past Packers, 31-27

My stomach was churning throughout the entire second half tonight.  Yes, the Patriots inability to pull away from the battered Packers definitely played a role, but my indigestion had more to do with the awful announcing occuring in the background. "Who would have ever thought that Matt Flynn would be having a night like this!" […]

Patriots Ice Bears, 36-7

  The Bears' vicious defense looked awfully cuddly Sunday afternoon There's an old ancient Chinese proverb:  "When the snow falls, so does the Patriots' opponent".   Much was made heading into this afternoon's game about the weather and the role that it would play in New England's ability to come out of Soldier Field with a […]

Patriots Silence Jets, Win 45-3!

It's a rare thing to experience a victory this sweet.  Off the top of my head, the three Super Bowl wins, beating Manning in the playoffs, and the AFC Championship rout over Pittsburgh in 2004 are the only ones that surpass what the Pats accomplished last night.  They say that revenge is a dish best […]

Patriots vs. Jets: What’s at Stake?

  vs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that THE game of the 2010 NFL Regular season will be played Monday night, December 6th in Foxboro.  You've got two teams with identical, league-leading 9-2 records, who happen to play in the same division, and who absolutely despise each other.  Jets/Pats is clearly […]