The Belmont family hunts Dracula in five versions of this classic.

Nintendo Castlevania ROM Video Games

This section contains my collection of Castlevania ROMS that are playable on within your web browser. In addition, there are ROM patches for download which will allow you to play these games on your PC.  Please note that no commercial Castlevania ROMs are playable on this site, only games released under the GNU/GPL License.  Also, absolutely no ROM files, commercial or otherwise, are available for download, only ROM patches. These restrictions have been placed to uphold the copyrights of those who have worked hard to create these games. Despite these limitations, you can rest assured that this section still provides a high-quality and fun experience for all fans of retro-gaming and the Castlevania series.

Before playing
the Castlevania games found on this site, please read the following notice:

All the games featured in this section may be played within your web browser by clicking the appropriate link next to “Play it Now”.  However, in order to achieve full functionality as well as the ability to save, you may wish to download the games onto your computer.  While this process is simple, it is not straight-forward. Step by step instructions have been provided below.

1. Before downloading any files, please review our content policy.

2. In order to play the Mega Man ROMs you will need the Nintendo Emulator and the IPS Patcher program. Download links are directly below.

Nintendo Emulator: Nester (Recommended) or NESticle

IPS Patcher: Lunar IPS

3. Download the corresponding ROM patch for the game you wish to play.  These are found below, after the description of each game.

4. You will need to follow the steps contained in the instructions manual to apply the ROM patch and create a playable game.

Note: All ROM Patches on this page are for use with the original Castlevania game

Castlevania: Blood Moon
Created by: Redrum

This is an overhaul of the original Castlevania. All graphics of characters were remade as well as the the stage’s background graphics. Several changes involving the game’s engine were done through also. Some of these changes include jumping higher and the ability to whip while walking.

Several features were used in Blood Moon that were prominent in the original Castlevania, but not utilized. For example; the water’s splash effect, having to break a path through the wall to proceed, bit-blade’s unique tile solidity glitch, and a few booby traps along the way which all make for substantially more interesting gameplay.

This is a very difficult game, for master vampire killers only. If you happened upon it by mistake, then run! far far away! Mwuahaha!

Play it Now:  Castlevania: Blood Moon

or Download the Patch

Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries
Created by: optomon/Dr. Mario

The story of Count Dracula and the Castlevania series receives a new chapter with this ROM.  It boasts plenty of new features and is practically a brand-new game.

Play it Now:  Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries

or Download the Patch

Castlevania: Orchestra of Despair
Created by: Dr. Mario

Here’s a Castlevania remake that gives the game a different overall feel. Fans of Castlevania will like this hack, and everyone else should give it a shot. So what are you waiting for? Play it now!

Play it Now:  Castlevania: Orchestra of Despair

or Download the Patch

Castlevania Remix
Created by: Thaddeus
For use with: Castlevania

Castlevania Remix, is a hack of the original Castlevania. It is one of the most extensive Castlevania hacks to date, sporting much better palettes and graphics than the original, modified music, and new stages to top it off; this ROM hack is a truley great remake of Castlevania that deserves a look.

One thing to watch out for, though, is a distinct lack of hearts, which makes bosses a lot harder to defeat since you will only get off a few shots with your weapons before having to resort to your whip. Oh, and also be on the look-out for camouflaged staircases in a few spots– if you can’t find them, you may find yourself stuck.

Play it Now:  Castlevania Remix

or Download the Patch

Castlevania Retold
Created by: Dragonsbrethren
For use with: Castlevania

This is a hack of the original Castlevania, with a 100% level change and a 75% monster change. It actually looks great and is well worth a download.

Play it Now:  Castlevania Retold

or Download the Patch

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