Count Chocula’s Spooky Friends

Count Chocula isn’t the only monster making breakfast scary!

Count Chocula Friends Record


The “Rod Roddy” of the monster cereals, Frankenberry is one of Count Chocula’s friends.  This ambiguously gay robot was the second of the monster cereals introduced by General Mills.  Frankenberry is at the apex of monster fashion.  His strawberry nail polish matches his stunning pink overalls perfectly.

It’s been rumored that the Count and Frankenberry haven’t always gotten along as well as they do now.  This can be seen from this rare photo above.  Apparently Frankenberry was tired of playing second banana to Chocula.  But what can you do, divas need the spotlight, even if they are giant pink robots.

Frankenberry Cereal Box

Boo Berry

The third of the monsters, Boo Berry is an underground favorite of many cereal enthusiasts.  While not nearly as publicly acclaimed as the Count or even Frankenberry, Boo Berry still delivers a quality breakfast meal.  Unlike Frankenberry, Boo Berry has no desire for the spot light.  He’s perfectly content with his position within the General Mills family.

Boo Berry has led the most interesting life of all the monsters.  His story is not only one of tragedy, but of triumph.  It’s evident from his glassy eyes, that Boo Berry is a victim of substance abuse.  In the late 80’s Boo Berry developed a drug addiction which nearly ruined his career.  General Mills cut funding for his cereal, since he was a negative role model for kids.  After several years off living homeless in the cemeteries, Boo Berry finally decided to straighten his life out.  He checked into a rehab center, and after eight long months he had finally kicked his addiction.  Boo Berry has been off drugs for over 10 years now, and his cereal can be found in grocery stores nation-wide.

Fruit Brute

After the success of the first three monster cereals, General Mills decided to take another whirl at it by introducing Fruit Brute into their lineup.  However, there was room enough for only three monster cereals on the shelves, and Fruit Brute was quickly discontinued.  Fruit Brute was crushed by the failure of his cereal and took to the streets for a life of chasing cars and stealing babies.  He was taken down by a silver bullet in the early 80’s.  The cereal shelf is a risky business.  It can either bring you to the highest of heights like Count Chocula, or send you on a downward spiral like Fruit Brute.  If only some more mothers had decided to feed their children “rot-your-teeth-out” sugary breakfast cereals, instead of Cheerios, the tragedy of Fruit Brute may have been avoided.

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy Box

In an attempt to raise cereal consumption among many Egyptian-Americans, General Mills introduced Yummy Mummy in the 1980’s.  Unfortunately, the fruit flavored cereal of Yummy Mummy fared about as well as it did when it was released as Fruit Brute.  I do bear the distinct privilege of having eaten Yummy Mummy for breakfast during the nine day period when it was available in stores. To tell the truth, I thought it was pretty good.   There are rumors that Yummy Mummy was a successful product, but behind the scenes politics were involved.  There are several sources that report that Yummy Mummy and Frankenberry were very good “friends”, if you know what I mean. Yummy Mummy’s contract with General Mills came to an abrupt end when he and Frank’s relationship came to a close.  Very Interesting…

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