Wolves Rejected, Rambis Ejected

Rambis Can't Take it Any More!!!!
rambis yelling
From the AP:
New Orleans led by as much as much as 28 in the third quarter when Okafor's 6-foot hook made it 74-46, capping a 14-4 run that began with Okafor's 14-foot jumper and included a 3-pointer by Morris Peterson. The game was never in doubt after that as Minnesota got no close than 18 points.
New Orleans led 31-25 when the Wolves started to implode. Jefferson was called for traveling while attempting a reverse layup. Rambis didn't agree and drew two quick technical fouls, the first from official Eli Roe and the other from Ron Garretson, the second triggering the coach's ejection.
The Wolves have lost five straight and 21 of their last 22 games.
Minnesota (15-65), which plays Monday night in San Antonio, needs one win in its final two games to avoid matching the worst record in franchise history, set in 1991-92.
And while we're on the topic of early 90's Wolves basketball…
From the Pioneer Press:

Former Timberwolves guard Isaiah Rider has been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of assaulting his fiancee and reneging on a $150 cab fare.

Mesa, Ariz., police say the 39-year-old Rider was taken into custody Thursday after an officer spotted him driving erratically in a vehicle with three small children inside.

Neighbors reported seeing Rider argue with his fiancee outside their Mesa home Sunday and engage in a tug of war over her purse. Police say Rider then took a cab ride to Phoenix and ran away instead of paying the driver.

Stay classy, JR!

A nod to the Timberwolves in-game entertainment staff…

A post game video including music from a high pitched female known as Miley Cyrus (Uphill battle) brought some perspective to the year. In the NBA things aren't always about today, and it's rare that a championship team can be built so quickly. The Hornets do appreciate their fans and obviously make every effort to improve.

I can't attend their games living on the East Coast and all, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the Wolves event staff aren't playing Miley Cyrus music video montages at games.  Right?  At least we have that going for us.
Some 80's sitcom randomness…
jeff bower
When did Mr. Belvedere start coaching the Hornets?
mr belvedere

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