Tom Brady’s Dance Moves

By now I'm sure you've seen the "scandalous" footage of Tom Brady busting a move at Carnivale in Brazil.  The media is having a field day with this at the moment, partly because, A. There's nothing else NFL-related to talk about, B. Brady, who is great a putting his best foot forward in public, does look pretty awkward in the video, and C. the media in general are a bunch of haters who love to rag on Brady and Belichick, and they're starving for some dirt after a 2010 campaign in which the duo arguably both had career years. 

To all of you chugging the Haterade this morning, I have this to say…

#1 – Brady is wearing a boot from his recent foot surgery.  Don't judge a man's dance moves when he's got one foot in a protective boot.

#2 – It's not the most manly of moves, but it's still better than this…

#3 – Just remember who Brady went home with after the party.  Does your significant other look like that?   No?  Then stop talking.

manning vs brady
Dance moves or no dance moves, is there really any argument?

Derek Hanson

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