Old School WWF Wrestling

Professional wrestling at its absolute apex. Besides the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is no classic more dear to my heart than old school WWF.  There’s basically been five major periods in WWF history.  The first is the early days, way way back.  Before Hulk Hogan.  Then you have the beginning of the modern era […]

Old School WWF Wrestling: Part 2

The road to Wrestlemania continues… So now it was time for the Grandaddy of them all, Wrestlemania IX.  It was an amazing event.  Not only because of the huge match between the Hitman and the undefeated behemoth. Lex Luger had a motorcycle accident during a WWF promotion.  When he returned from his elbow injury as […]

Old School WWF Wrestling: Part 3

Bret Hart’s quest to regain the WWF Championship comes to an end. There were dark days ahead for WWF fans.  It seemed as if no one would ever be able to end the reign of terror wrought by Yokozuna.  To add to the humiliation of America, Mr. Fuji issued a challenge to every American.  On […]