Wolves Free Agency Showdown

  With less than 8 hours left to go before the NBA landscape undergoes a massive renovation, it's time to take one last look at the Wolves chances of landing one of the big names up for bid.   At least two years of hype will culminate this evening at 12:00AM.  As we await that moment, […]

Wolves LOST the Lottery, now what?

I give last night's Lost finale two thumbs up.  I haven't checked in with Mike and Roundhouse, the other two Lost junkies on the TWB staff, (CW is so lame…) to hear their thoughts, but overall, I felt that the finale wrapped up the show nicely and reminded us all of the fact that we've […]

Wolves Rejected, Rambis Ejected

    Rambis Can't Take it Any More!!!!     From the AP: New Orleans led by as much as much as 28 in the third quarter when Okafor's 6-foot hook made it 74-46, capping a 14-4 run that began with Okafor's 14-foot jumper and included a 3-pointer by Morris Peterson. The game was never […]

Wolves “Duke” it out with the Thunder

Today's daily links will include of coverage of the OKC game.  But let's be honest – no matter how die-hard of a Wolves fan you may be, the 62nd loss of the season isn't anywhere near as interesting as the game that's going down tonight in Indianapolis.  I'm not a college basketball fan by any […]

Worst Timberwolves Team Ever?

The Minnesota Timberwolves haven't had the most successful of histories, and that's putting it lightly.  So when somebody comes out and says that this current Timberwolves squad is THE worst ever, that's a pretty big claim.  After all, if this season continues on it's current pace, you're going to need a third hand to count […]

Far Too Long…

  It has been a long time since I've been genuinely excited about the start of a Timberwolves season.  The year was 2005.  We had just cleansed ourselves of the Sam and Spree cancer, had a new coach, a lottery pick in Rashad McCants, an "up and coming point guard in Marko Jaric.  It was […]

Setting the Record Straight on Rubio

I just wanted to take a moment and respond to a recent comment that was made on Hardwood Paroxysm regarding my take on the Ricky Rubio situation.  Basically, what I said was completely taken out of context and the way it was relayed made myself and this site look ridiculous.  I'm not upset with Matt […]

Timberwolves 2009 Draft Recap

After a scathing post-draft article in 2008, I feel I owe the Timberwolves a moment of praise following their masterful 2009 effort.  Let the haters say what they will, Kahn took the two best players on the board with his back-to-back #5 and #6 picks.  When you're a team in the middle of a major […]

My Cancer

Never give up the fight. Being a Timberwolves fan isn’t easy. It takes an immeasurable amount of heart, determination, and, some would say, altered sanity to continue bleeding for a team that has managed to let you down year after year in the worst possible ways. When most of us signed up for our seat […]

Eating Crow

The Timberwolves are making me look stupid. I’ve been away for a fairly long time, so I figured I may as well do a full-out front page post to gather my thoughts on the Wolves rather than digging through hundreds of forums posts and scattering them all over the place.  It’s probably been a solid […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Firing Randy Wittman

Wolves fans can only dream… With the Timberwolves starting the season at an underwhelming 1-8, the TWolves Blog Forum faithful have resorted to creating fantasy tales involving the much-needed front office shake-up that we all know will never come.  Below, you will find a compilation of our latest group-effort entitled, “Firing Randy Wittman”.  This story, […]

The Chocolate in our Milk

There’s a new Kevin for Wolves fans to cheer for. When I woke up the morning after the 2008 NBA Draft to find that OJ Mayo had been swapped for Kevin Love, I was beyond irate.  I saw this as yet another example of McHale getting infatuated with a draft prospect and throwing all logic […]


New logo. New court. New team. 2008-2009 Minnesota Timberwolves Season Preview Minnesota Timberwolves Last Year’s Record: 22-60 Key Losses: Marko Jaric, Antoine Walker, Kirk Snyder Key Additions: Mike Miller, Kevin Love, Rodney Carney 1. What significant moves were made during the off-season? Obviously the big move by the Timberwolves this off-season was trading the rights […]

This is for Sota!

Kevin Garnett finally wins an NBA title. NBA Finals Review I was twelve years old when Kevin Garnett put on that Minnesota Timberwolves cap on draft night.  Over half my life later, my favorite player finally won an NBA Championship. To an outsider, that may not seem like such a phenomenal event.  Championships are won […]

Good and Evil

Kevin Garnett faces off against Kobe Bryant in the Finals. NBA Finals Preview In 91 games with the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett was able to accomplish what he could not in over 900 games in Minnesota: reach the NBA Finals. Yet when KG made his biggest step ever towards the promised land, not a single Timberwolves fan […]