Strange Mario Bros.

An entirely original Super Mario Bros. experience. [controls] Created By: Acmlm Game Info: Strange Mario Bros. is a complete remake of the original Super Mario Bros. NES game. It demonstrates everything that a quality game remake should be. ALL of the levels in the game have been re-created and most of the graphics have been […]

Castlevania Remix

An all-new version of the classic vampire-hunting game.   [controls] Created By: Thaddeus Game Info: Castlevania Remix, is based off the original Castlevania. It is one of the most extensive Castlevania remakes to date, sporting much better palettes and graphics than the original, modified music, and new stages.  This version is a truly great redesign of Castlevania that deserves […]

Mushroom Kingdom Chaos

The Mushroom Kingdom has gone crazy in this new Mario adventure. [controls] Created By: L.Soft Hacks  Game Info: Mario has found his way into another adventure and will once again have to face Bowser to get Princess Toadstool back. Holy crap, it's Mushroom Kingdom Chaos! This version is a little harder, but also a little more fun than the original.  […]

Metroid Master

Only expert Metroid players need apply. [controls] Created By: Chris Allen Game Info: My intent is to enhance the overall playability of the Metroid engine by providing an entirely new adventure. I have attempted to keep this version of Metroid true to the spirit of the original by making some tricky secrets and convoluted mazes. […]

Dragoon X Omega II

Final Fantasy is converted into a whole new game. [controls] Created By: Sliver X  Game Info: This is a full scale remaje of Final Fantasy. Nothing remains but the core programming routines. It features all new graphics, music, levels, enemies, text, statistics and more. Think of it as a “Total Conversion” for the NES.  

Super Wario Bros. 2

Wario and Waluigi are new playable characters. [controls] Created By: Son of EEK Productions Game Info: Super Wario Bros. is a complete storyline change from the original Super Mario Bros. 2 NES game.  In this remake, Wario and Waluigi travel into Mario's dream and find themselves in Subcon.  In addition to the new storyline, this game also […]

Castlevania Retold

New monsters and levels await Simon Belmont.   [controls] Created By: Dragonsbrethren Game Info: This is a remake of the original Castlevania, with a 100% level change and an almost entirely new set of monsters. The graphics look great and the game is certainly worth a play or download.  

Mario in Zebes

It's up to Samus to save Mario from Cyber-Ridley. [controls] Created By: Slimeous Game Info: This is a recreation of the old-time favorite Super Mario Bros. game for the NES. Mario has been abducted by Cyber-Ridley and taken to Zebes, and Samus’ mission is to save Mario so he can go back to the Mushroom Kingdom to save the Princess. […]

Metroid: Wart’s Invasion

Samus journeys through the Mushroom Kingdom. [controls] Created By: AlexAR Game Info: Wart is Back! The evil king has escaped from Super Mario's unconscious and invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. Wart has kidnapped Mario and rendered the kingdom defenseless. Princess Peach has sent for Samus in a last-chance hope that she may be able to defeat Wart […]

Castlevania: Blood Moon

A quest for vampire hunting experts.   [controls] Created By: Redrum Game Info: This is an overhaul of the original Castlevania. All graphics of characters were remade as well as the the stage’s background graphics. Several changes involving the game’s engine were done through also. Some of these changes include jumping higher and the ability to whip while walking. Several […]

Zelda 2 Challenge

A difficult quest featuring a new overworld and levels. [controls] Note:  The overworld is not able to be displayed properly in a web browser, which will make the game almost impossible to complete.  Further information on how to bypass this bug can be found below. Created By: Challenge Games Game Info: This new version of The Legend […]

Final Fantasy Epica

An all-new Final Fantasy RPG experience. [controls] Created By: Herosoft Game Info:  This is a cool redesign of Final Fantasy that features overhauls in many areas including heroes, ememies, and general text.  

Time is Ticking

In this game, Mario's biggest enemy isn't Bowser – it's the clock! [controls] Created By: Googie Game Info: This Super Mario Bros. ROM is a race against the clock as Mario must complete every level in under 99 seconds or lose a life! To begin playing, you must click the game screen with your mouse.  […]

Metroid Genocide

A full-scale remake of the classic Metroid. [controls] Created By: Dude Man Game Info: A complete hack of the original Metroid for the NES. This game has been in production for quite a while and has undergone many revisions. Many well known members of the hacking community have helped in the creation of Metroid Genocide, so […]

Castlevania: Orchestra of Despair

Castlevania with a different feel.   [controls] Created By: Dr. Mario Game Info: Here's a Castlevania remake that gives the game a different overall feel. Fans of Castlevania will like this hack, and everyone else should give it a shot. So what are you waiting for? Play it now!