Patriots 30, Ravens 31: The Fix Is In

I…    I have nothing to say. How can you adequately critique your team's football game, when it was a complete circus?  I watched the Lakers/Kings Game 6, and tonight's sham may have been the most poorly officiated game I have every witnessed.  Tim Donaghy and Senior Referee Earl Hebner have nothing on tonight's crew.  And […]

Turd in the Punch Bowl: Patriots 18, Cards 20

You can't truly appreciate the color white, until you've seen black.  With that in mind, if it was the Patriots plan to make us fully comprehend Troy Brown's legacy by giving us a shining example of everything he was not, then today's game can be considered a rousing success.  Dropped passes, garish special teams errors, […]

Ridley Rolls as Patriots Win!

It's opening day in the NFL and, as usual, the Patriots rolled to victory.  It seems so long ago that Buffalo trounced New England 31-0 back in 2003, and the Pats have now won nine consecutive openers in a row.  There was a lot to like from a Patriot's perspective in this one, and to […]

Aaron Hernandez: A Class Act

When my son was born during the 2010 NFL Season, I would joke that Aaron Hernandez was his favorite Patriot.  I thought Hernandez was a fitting choice for him since they had a lot in common, seeing as he was both the youngest player in the league at the time and Hispanic.  However, during the […]

Patriots Ink Gronkowski to Richest Tight End Deal in NFL History

Word broke today that the New England Patriots signed Rob Gronkowski to a 6-year contract extension which will make him the highest paid tight end in NFL history. I don't know about you, but I was completely blown away by the news.  The Patriots are notorious for dragging out contract negotiations until the 11th hour, […]

The “What If” Game

I like to think that I've been pretty magnanimous in the wake of the Patriots' crushing loss in Super Bowl XLVI.  I took tons of crap on Monday morning from bandwagoning Giants fans galore, and I took it all in stride with dignity like a true disciple of Belichick should do.  I congratulated those few […]

Thank you…

…to the refs for giving the Giants 2 free points at the beginning of the game.  Those points didn't affect the outcome at all. …to the 12th person on the field when the Giants fumbled the ball away in the red zone early in the game. …to Tom Brady for making another stupid long-bomb interception, […]

The Foxboro Redemption

When Lawrence Tynes sent the football through the uprights to win the NFC Championship game, I knew exactly the words that would reverberate through media outlets in the morning: revenge.  After the legendary drama that ensued from the underdog Giants dethroning the undefeated Patriots four years ago, it would be nearly impossible to look at […]

The Aftermath: Patriots defeat Ravens

When I showed up for work this morning, a solid 12+ hours after the Patriots' defeat of the Baltimore Ravens, my mind was still numb.  The Patriots have had some big wins over the past eleven years, but none were anything like last night's.  In Super Bowl XXXVI, the Patriots led for much of the […]

Don’t Blame the Defense

You can blame Tom Brady for his three turnovers… You can blame Gostkowski for shanking an easy field goal… You can blame Ochocinco for still looking completely lost halfway through the season… You can blame Julian Edelman for hanging onto a waitress's skirt better than he does a football… You can blame the referees for […]

Belichick Doubles Down on the Ryans

This week's win was satisfying for a number of reasons… 1. Brady and Beilichick tied the record for the most wins by a QB/Coach tandem with 116.  They managed to creep up on Marino and Shula by amassing something in the neighborhood of 35 less losses than the Miami duo.  That's over two entire season's […]

Game Recap: You Better Run, Better Run…

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than Vince Wilfork. Perhaps they were inspired by our Top 12 plays series this summer, but whatever the case, the Patriots are making spectacular plays a weekly occurrence.  Wes Welker's 99 yard TD interception and Big Vince's INT and run […]

Congratulations, Drew!

The New England Patriots announced today that legendary quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, has been nominated as this year's inductee into the team's Hall of Fame.  Bledsoe was selected over finalists Bill Parcells and Houston Antwine and reportedly won by the largest margin since the annual process began in 2007.  A few weeks ago, the Foxboro Blog […]

Tedy Bruschi: Patriot Legend

With the fan voting for the Patriots Hall of Fame wrapping up yesterday, and Drew Bledsoe almost assured to become a first-ballot inductee, it got me thinking about which players from the Patriots' Super Bowl teams would one day be enshrined.  Those teams were composed of a multitude of worthy players and will certainly lead […]

Beefing Up the Offense

Heading into the draft, the focus for Patriots fans was pass-rush, pass-rush, pass-rush.  However, that seemingly huge area of weakness for the Patriots went largely unaddressed during the 2011 draft.  Instead, it seemed that Bill Belichick's focus was directed in an entirely different direction, that is, smash-mouth, smash-mouth, smash-mouth.  Belichick spent a total of five […]