Metroid Deluxe

A 100% remake of the classic Metroid game. [controls] Created By: NinjaManon Game Info: This is a 100% complete revision of Metroid. The map was totally deleted so the game was built again from scratch. Items are moved, puzzles are changed, and there is no such thing as a dead end. The design is tight and professional. It […]

Super Gothic Bros.

Mario has gone "emo" in this challenging new game. [controls] Created By: partyghoul2000 Game Info: Mario and Luigi have gone to the dark side in Super Gothic Bros. The difficulty has been turned up a notch in this remake of the game featuring all-new graphics and levels. To begin playing, you must click the game screen with […]

Super Wario Bros. 3

Wario and Waluigi take on Bowser. [controls] Created By: Googie Game Info: With Mario and Luigi nowhere to be found, it's up to Wario and Waluigi to take on Bowser and save the princess.  If they can pull of this feat and save the day, they may just end up being more famous than the other Bros! To begin […]

Rockman Exile

Rabbits shooting instant-death fireballs! [controls] Created By: Blast Hornet  Game Info: To put it simply, this is a completely new Mega Man 2. The only thing remotely similar to the original are the robot masters, and even they’ve been changed in terms of fighting style. Don’t take anything for granted in this game.  Remember those weak rabbit […]

Super Mario Bros. 2 Challenge

Mario's journey through Subcom gets more difficult. [controls] Created By: Challenge Games  Game Info: Super Mario Bros. 2 Challenge is a remake of the classic NES game. The main feature of this game, like the title suggests, is that it is much more challenging with all-new levels and enemy placements. To begin playing, you must click […]

Metroid Invasion

An unofficlal sequal to Samus Aran's first adventure. [controls] Created By: Unknown Game Info: Metroid Invasion is another remake of the classic NES game, Metroid. While not as complete as the Deluxe version, Metroid Invasion is a worthy sequel to Samus Aran's first adventure.  

Mario’s Moon Adventure

Mario takes a trip into space. [controls] Created By: Romulus Game Info: Now this is a unique Mario Adventure! The physics of the original game have been completely redone. Now the gravity is much lower and the longer you hold the jump button the shorter you will jump. Instead of fireballs, Mario now shoots laser beams, […]

Mario Chronicles

A slick new version of the 3rd Mario Bros. game. [controls] Created By: Ringodoggie Game Info: Mario Chronicles is the long-awaited finished version of "Odd Mario Bros.".  It features slick new level designs and several other changes.  It's definitely worth a play!   To begin playing, you must click the game screen with your mouse.  Then the keyboard controls will work. […]

Mega Man: Revenge of the Eight Robot Masters

They're ba-ack! [controls] Created By: DufarC Game Info: Dr. Wily's creations from Mega Man II are back and looking for revenge.  Mega Man must travel through completely remade levels to reach them and defeat them once and for all.  

Mario: Mystery of the Flying Fish

Cheep Cheeps are taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. [controls] Created By: PSlugworth Game Info: While Mario is romping through the Mushroom Kingdom's royal water fountains one day, he is witness to a mysterious phenomenon: the fish from around the kingdom have begun to take flight!  It's up to the Super Mario Bros. to find out who is responsible […]

Metroid Quest

Link and other classic Nintendo characters take on Metroid. [controls] Created By: MakoEyes Game Info: This is a graphical overhaul of the NES game, Metroid. The game features Link (instead of Samus in a suit) and a slightly modified Kid Icarus (instead of Samus out of suit). The enemies vary from games like Zelda 2, Super Mario Bros. […]

Justin and Friends

Two new heroes attempt to save the princess. [controls] Created By: TheGreatWhiteDope  Game Info: This all-new version of Super Mario Bros. stars TheGreatWhiteDope and his friend, Tim. They were brought to the Mushroom Kingdom by an unknown power to rescue the princess after Mario and Luigi suddenly vanished. In order to get back to their world, they […]

Super Loco Spoof! 2

Mario must once again save the Tofu Kingdom. [controls] Created By: Googie Game Info: Super Loco Spoof! 2 picks up right after Part 1, Bowser basically got really angry and took Peach away from Mario after he returned from the Tofu Kingdom. That's pretty much the storyline, oh well… To begin playing, you must click the game […]

Mega Man Ultra

Mega Man II has been redone from the ground up. [controls] Created By: infidelity Game Info: This Mega Man II remake just has to be played! The challenge is very good and all of the graphics has been changed to give this game some extra flavor. There are graphics from other games too but that's a suprise! Mega Man fans […]

Mario in Some Usual Day

Yes, that's a fire-ball chucking Raccoon Mario! [controls] Created By: JaSp Game Info: Mario in: Some Usual Day isn't so usual after all. This game based off of Super Mario Bros. 3 features enemies from Zelda, Metroid, and Kirby, new power-ups, and a brand-new secret coin system. However, the coolest part of all is the ability to combine your […]