Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Episode 1

Let’s get physical! Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Blog: Episode 1 1st Elimination: Sugar I hung up my keyboard and retired from Survivor blogging after I got married and started my residency.  Breaking down the latest episodes week after week was a passion of mine, but one that took up waaaaaaay too much of my time.  […]

The Lost Season 4 Review – Part 1

The Oceanic six  make their escape from the island. If there was any doubt that Lost was the best show on television, and I don’t think there was, Season 4 completely put those suspicions to rest.  Even though it clocked in at a meager fourteen episodes, the fourth installment of Lost managed to pack in […]

The Lost Season 4 Review – Part 2

The second half of the Season 4 recap. A Continuation from The Lost Season 4 Review: Part 1 Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah) Face it, when it comes to luck with the ladies, nobody has it worse than Sayid. I mean, even a desperate guy like Hurley only had one of his love interests die. Poor […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episodes 12-14

Dumb moves abound and a winner is crowned. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 14th Elimination: James Seeing as this piece is already a week outdated as I’ve begun typing it, I’m going to keep my wrap up of Survivor: Micronesia as brief as possible. However, since this final blog entry is going to cover the final three episodes, “brief” […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 11

The women take over the game. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 13th Elimination: Jason Another episode of Survivor: Micronesia, another blindside!  At this rate, we should really be shocked when somebody who should go home actually does!  I’m going to head right onto the observations because I’m pressed for time, so here we go… 1. Nasty Natalie. For weeks […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 10

A contestant chows down on $333,333.33 donuts. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 12th Elimination: Ozzy What I’m about to tell you may come as a major shock, but this was a fantastic episode of Survivor that we just witnessed.  Ok, so it wasn’t shocking at all since this season has been absolutely amazing, but it was a very, very […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 9

The tribes merge and a love triangle begins to form. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 11th Elimination: Eliza It’s merge time, baby!  Without fail, the merge episode is one of the highlights of each season, and this time around it was no different.  I’ve got a lot of discussing to do, so I’m just going to head right to […]

American Idol Look-Alikes 2008

A whole new group of idols and their celebrity look-alikes.   Season 5 of American Idol was absolutely amazing!  However, what made is so special was not the way that Taylor Hicks or Chris Daughtry sang, but rather how they and their fellow contestants looked. In a stroke of serendipitous coincidence, almost every one of […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 8

Loyalty is questioned at the final tribal council before the merge. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 10th Elimination: Ami After waiting two weeks for another episode of Survivor: Micronesia thanks to the NCAA Tournament, I was really hoping for another “shocking” episode. Unfortunately, this week’s episode couldn’t match the intensity of the fourteen-day build up. Like the last episode, […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 7

One survivor has a mental meltdown. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 8th Elimination: Kathleen 9th Elimination: Tracy It had to happen eventually.  There was simply no way Survivor: Micronesia could pull off thirteen episode run without a single semi-dull hour.  Yet even though this past episode lacked the stupidity and surprise of the previous six, it was still far […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 6

A deadly infection forces a player out of the game. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 6th Elimination: Jonathan 7th Elimination: Chet Where do I even begin after last night’s episode of Survivor: Micronesia?  It marked the fifth week in a row that either a tremendous blindside, a jaw-droppingly stupid move, or both occurred at tribal council. The fact that this […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 5

Dirty Ogre gets what’s coming to him. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 5th Elimination: Dirty Ogre BEST. ELIMINATION. EVER. That’s really all you have to know about the fifth episode of Survivor: Micronesia.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this season so far.  We have gotten to see some incredibly strategic play, blindsides galore, some […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 4

Stupidity runs wild in the Fans camp. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 4th Elimination: Mikey B “With stupidity, even the gods struggle in vain.” – William Blum I used that quote to end the Suvivor: Fiji Blog after Dreamz had managed to demolish the season with his illogical and inexplicable decisions. After what we witnessed at the end of […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 2

Dirty Ogre pulls off a very stupid blindside. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 2nd Elimination: Mary Just in case you’re wondering about the image to the right, the women of Survivor: Micronesia must have mistakenly thought they were doing a Maxim cover shoot when posing for their profile pictures.  The whole lot of them are skanked out like […]

Survivor: Micronesia – Episode 3

Cirie breaks an alliance and joins Team Tonsil Hockey. Survivor: Micronesia Blog 3rd Elimination: Yau Man I can say without question that there has not been a better initial three episodes in any season of Survivor than what we’ve witnessed in Micronesia. Usually the first couple of episodes are a snooze-fest as you barely know any […]