A collection of NES games available for download.

NES ROMs and Nintendo Emulators

This section contains my collection of Nintendo Emulators and NES ROMs that are playable on on the PC and available for download.  We have new versions of all your favorite titles including Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Mega Man, Metroid, Final Fanatsy and more!

In order to play these NES ROMs you will need one of the Nintendo Emulators and the IPS patcher program. The download links are below.

Nintendo Emulators: Nester (Recommended) or NESticle

IPS Patcher: Lunar IPS

Nintendo Emulators and NES Roms

Please refer to the instructions manual for any questions regarding the
operation of the Nintendo Emulators and other programs.

Before downloading any files please review our content policyNote: All the NES ROMS and all other ROMs provided on “DeROK.Net” are believed to be Freeware or Public Domain. If you own the copyrights to any one or more of the ROMs we offer for download, please contact us and they will be removed immediately.


Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros RomSuper Mario BrothersSuper Mario Bros 3 rom

Super Mario Bros. ROM Collection

Alternate Mario Bros. Collection

Super Mario Bros. 2 Collection

Super Mario Bros. 3 Collection

The three Super Mario Bros. games are the classics that symbolize what the NES was all about. Any child of the 80’s will tell you that some of their best times were spent guiding the Super Mario Brothers through the Mushroom Kingdom. Our Super Mario Bros. ROM Mod collection features over thirty versions spanning all three games.  Some hare complete remakes,  and others feature new characters. But one thing that all of these NES ROMs have in common is that they’re incredibly fun!

The Legend of Zelda

zelda roms

Legend of Zelda ROMs Collection

I think everyone has to agree that there has never been a video game series as beloved as the Legend of Zelda.  Holding fast to a tried and true formula of puzzle-solving adventure, every single game has become an instant classic. Five brand-new adventures await young Link with complete remakes of the first two NES Legend of Zelda games. 

Mega Man

mega man roms

Mega Man ROMs Collection

The Mega Man series was a staple of the original Nintendo system, boasting a lineup of six different titles. Our collection of modified Mega Man ROMs put an entirely new spin on several of these classics.  With new characters and levels, these ROMs are sure to delight any Mega Man fan.



Metroid ROMs Collection

Metroid was such a hit on the NES, it’s hard to believe that it never received an 8-bit sequel.  Well that’s all changed as ten brand-new versions of Metroid await in this section, including one that features a certain Hyrulian hero…


Castlevania NES ROMs

I think it’s safe to say that no other video game in the 8-bit era, managed to scare it’s players as well as Castelvania. Our Castlevania Collection contains five NES ROM remakes of the classic Nintendo games.

Final Fantasy

final fantasy

Final Fantasy ROMs Collection

The Final Fantasy series put RPG’s on the map, and it all started on the NES. Our Final Fantasy Collection includes five complete remakes, including a version featuring the Super Mario Bros.

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