How the Patriots are Coping without Tom Brady

The bromance of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady is well and truly over. For some the life without Tom Brady is going to be a major downfall and for some the life goes on. There is no doubt that the Patriots have been very dominant for the last 25 years but this legacy might be well under threat. The life after the great Tom Brady is absolutely uncharted territory for the fans.

The life after the Tom Brady hasn’t been kind for the Patriots. In the old days Tom Brady would often bail out the fading defence but now this isn’t the case anymore. Even the offensive line of the Patriots isn’t really so great so they have got problems all over the park.

The recent loss against the Bills and it was pathetic when the allowed Zack Moss and fellow comrades to carry the ball 38 times over the entire field. The three touchdowns were slap on the face. the signs are really worrying for the patriots as there is no real hope for them to climb up in the table. This looks like a real downhill from here for the patriots unless there is some magic touch or some really clever signings in the mix. The Patriots are barely favorites to beat the New York Jets tonight.  If you want to bet on the game, we recommend the Pointsbet app for making wagers on football. 

What really went wrong?

The Pats have lost a ton of talent and on the top of that sits the loss of Tom Brady. However, its more than just him. For the past 21 months there have been a constant decline in the quality of runs and some players saw their life move away from the patriots. Some of really good players were lost through injuries and some retired in recent years. Losing players is a part of the game and every team loses players, there is nothing really new about this but a great player should always be replaced with someone worthy, sadly this hasn’t been the case for the Patriots.

Belichick hasn’t made many significant changes in the squad since the 2018 draft and his smaller move hasn’t been lucky enough to bail him out. Some of them looked really good on paper but they didn’t really pay off.

Now the Patriots are caught up in a really messy situation. They are one of the best teams in the league when it comes to management. The current situation is also messed up with managing its cap, the current salary- cap situation is hurting the depth of the team. A couple of veteran signings are on massive wage bill and this only make situation unfavourable for  a team that needs to free up more space to accommodate some marquee signings to return to the top.