U2: This is Wisdom

A inspirational video featuring the music of U2.

This flash movie was a project for my Bible class.  We were asked to answer the question "What is Wisdom" and then make a presentation, "This is Wisdom".  After studying all of the wisdom literature in the Bible, I noticed something.  Solomon, the wisest and most successful of all the authors, took a look at everything he had accomplished and called it meaningless.  It didn’t seem to make any sense.  Solomon believed he had obtained wisdom, the one thing that was supposed to give his life worth.  How could he look back on his life and not be fulfilled? And then it hit me.  His whole goal in obtaining wisdom was so that he could have wealth, power, and a long life.  He was right. In the end, those things really are meaningless.  It’s not the temporal, earthly things that can hold fast against the weight of eternity – Not gaining all you can, but giving all you can.  Not lording over people, but loving them.  Not living your life for yourself, but losing it to Christ.  This, is Wisdom.

This flash movie is an extremely large file, so running it directly from this site probably won’t give you the best viewing experience and will force you to wait a pretty long time to view it.  If you feel like doing it anyway, just click the link.  But I recommend that you download the movie to your hard drive.  To do this, right click on the link, select "Save Target As…" and select the destination where you want the file saved.  Your computer probably won’t recognize the file type, but if you right click the file, select "Open With…" and choose Internet Explorer, you will be able to watch the movie.  Hope you enjoy it.

 "This is Wisdom" 

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