Uncovering 50 Hidden Mickeys

I uncover every Hidden Mickey during Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary.

Being a huge fan of Walt Disney, it was a privilege to be able to return to Disneyland as it celebrated its 50th anniversary.  One of the many special features that were added to the park as part of the celebration was fifty “Hidden Mickeys” scattered throughout the park.  Always up for a challenge, I made it my mission to uncover all fifty Hidden Mickeys.  It took me three days, but I was able to track down the location of every single one.  Some were easy to spot, like the Hidden Micky giant flower display at the Disneyland entrance above, others took a little more effort like the one sitting above the clock in the same picture, and some were nearly impossible to spot unless you were carefully paying attention to the smallest details.  So to commemorate Disneyland’s 50th year, and to help out those of you who have been scouring the park looking for that final elusive Mickey, I’m putting up a master list of the location of all fifty Hidden Mickeys.

Main St. USA – 18 Total Hidden Mickeys

Flower arrangement

City Hall

2 Main St. Train Station

Opera House

13 Lamp Posts

Tomorrowland – 4 Total Hidden Mickeys

Astro Orbiter

Imagination Institute

Satellite Dishes of Center Tower


Fantasyland – 7 Total Hidden Mickeys

2 Sleeping Beauty Castle

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Weathervane

Tea Cups Lantern

Small World

Matterhorn Enterance

Mickey’s Toon Town – 3 Total Hidden Mickeys

Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin

Jolly Trolley

Mickey’s House

Adventureland – 3 Total Hidden Mickeys

Tiki Room

Jungle Cruise

Indiana Jones Adventure

New Orleans Square – 4 Total Hidden Mickeys

Hanging Banner

Pirates of the Caribbean

Haunted Mansion

An Overhead Railing

Critter Country – 2 Total Hidden Mickeys

Splash Mountain


Frontierland – 9 Total Hidden Mickeys

Cigar Store Indian

Shooting Gallery

Big Thunder Water Barrel

Pan and Barrel to Your Left as You Enter From Main St.

Tom Sawyer’s Island

Columbia Stern

Columbia Bow

Mark Twain

And Finally…

This one drove me crazy.  It’s back by the petting zoo at Big Thunder Ranch.  In my opinion, the petting zoo is a major waste of space and hopefully the site of a much better future Dinseyland attraction.  Needless to say, I never even bothered to go over there in the day, and only ventured over at night because it’s a great way to avoid the crowds when going from Fantasmic to the Fireworks.  However, at night, it’s pitch black back there and you’d never even know there was a stage coach, let alone a Hidden Mickey.  So that’s number 50 for me.

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