The Price is Right

“Come on Down!” You’re in for some classic game show fun!

Possibly the only show in the history of television to get a perfect 100 on the Unintentional Comedy Rating, The Price Is Right is the definition of classic.  Where else can you get a group of several hundred people to jump up and down and scream as people bid on Preparation H Medicated Wipes, and Geritol Complete?  And let’s not forget the host of the show – the one, the only – Bob Barker.  Has there ever been a more charming game show host?  Alex Trebec and Pat Sajak aren’t even worthy to clean this guy’s toilet.  Sure, there have been many rip offs, such as the wretched “New Price Is Right”, and that whole “Wheel” of Fortune deal, but nothing can even come close to matching the excitement.  By just watching on TV you can feel the electricity when the ambiguously gay Rod Roddy tells somebody to “Come On Down!” And what can top seeing the look on the 350 lb. weight lifter’s face when he finds out that he’s the lucky winner of “this charming dinette set!”  The Price Is Right is the best hour of television going – even the commercials are great!  There’s not a show on TV with more medication, fiber, insurance, and vitamin commercials.  You know they’re trying to plug it to the elderly when “TV Star” Wilford Brimley is pushing diabetes medication at every break.  There’s no doubt about it, from Plinko to the Big Wheel, to the Showcase Showdown, The Price Is Right is the #1 source for classic entertainment.  And while you’re checking out all this pricing fun, don’t forget to heed Bob Barker’s advie to have your pets spayed or neutered!

Derek Hanson

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