TOP 5 Mind-blowing Movies

These movies will blow your mind!

So what's the difference between the TOP 5 Movies and the TOP 5 Mind Blowing Movies?  Well here's the deal.  My TOP 5 Movies are the first five movies that I would bring with me if I were trapped on a deserted island with only a TV and VCR.  They're the ones I enjoy watching the most, and I can watch them again and again without getting sick of them.  The TOP 5 Mind Blowing Movies are a little bit different.  While all top notch, these films aren't the best out there.  They won't have you rolling on the ground laughing your head off….but they might just blow your mind.  The movies in this TOP 5 are on the list because they are movies that everyone should see.  Let's face it, Dumb and Dumber is spectacular, but watching it doesn't really change your perception of things, motivate you to excel, or simply present you with an unusual viewpoint.  However, this list isn't a bunch of titles like Schindler's List either.  These movies weren't made to reform society by any means.  They were made to entertain, and that's exactly what they do.  You may not want them on a deserted island, but they are deserving of at least two or three viewings.  So without further explanation, here's the TOP 5 Mind Blowing Movies:


A Beautiful Mind

Description: Nobel Prize Winner, John Nash is at the height of his career when his world suddenly comes crashing down around him.  Trapped inside a world that isn't real, John must rely on the love and support of his wife to put the pieces of his shattered life back together.

Why it's TOP 5:  Amazing twist to the story – I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it, but it's a good one.  Plus it's a great feel good story.  And it may seem weird, but watching this movie makes me want to study harder…freaky.



The Ring

Description:  There's an urban legend of a videotape that if watched, will cause the viewer to die in seven days.  When a reporter views the tape as part of a story she's covering, she realizes that she has only a week to unravel the mystery in order to save her life.

Why it's TOP 5:  They didn't kill it.  Finally, they didn't kill a horror movie.  There is nothing too unbelievable that just ruins the whole movie.  There is no cheesy scene where a serial killer is chasing a teenage girl.  It is just a well done movie that's as scary as it is good.


The Shawshank Redemption

Description:  Andy Dufrense is wrongfully convicted of murdering his unfaithful wife.  As a result, he is given a life sentence at Shawshank Prison.  This movie details Andy's life behind bars.  Andy's spirit changes the entire prison, and surprises everyone.

Why it's TOP 5:  The only movie on both the TOP 5 Movies and the TOP 5 Amazing Movies.  And the reason this film holds this distinction is that it's an incredible story and extremely entertaining and it also has a very clever ending and gives you a couple of things to think about throughout the movie. There are only three movies that I remember my first time watching them more clearly than Shawshank.  Those are numbers one and two, and the remake of Planet of the Apes – but that was for other reasons.




Description: Leonard was robbed of his short term memory he received a blow to the head from a thief who broke into his house.  Even worse, Leonard's wife was murdered during the encounter.  Now his only goal in life is to get revenge.  However, it can be tough to track down a killer when you can't remember what you did five minutes ago.

Why it's TOP 5:  This movies is played in clips going in reverse order, so the first scene you watch is actually the last one.  Add that onto an already a script already filled with twists, and you've got yourself a mind-bending thriller.  Memento is great to watch a second and third time to catch up on the missed details, but the first time gives a movies experience like no other.  I have said that if there's one movie I would want to watch for the first time again it would be Dumb and Dumber.  I might have to stand by that statement, but Memento is a close second.



Arlington Road

Description:  Michael Faraday had his FBI Agent wife killed by a right wing extremist group.  He is now obsessed with these groups of terrorists, and becomes wary when his new neighbors begin to act suspiciously.  If his suspicions are correct, there's only a short time left before this group strikes out again in an attack that could kill thousands.

Why it's TOP 5: Best ending in a movie ever.  Period.  Absolutely Untoppable.  The first hour and whatever of the movie are good, but the last three minutes will blow you away…literally….



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