TOP 5 Music Groups

My favorite musical artists of all time.


phil collins

Phil Collins

Description:  Phil Collins is one of the most popular soft-rock musicians of the past twenty years.  He's without a doubt one of the most consistent artists at creating chart-topping songs.

Why he's TOP 5:  Phil is the smoothest guy ever.  He just keeps putting out quality songs that drive the ladies wild.  Just quickly glancing down a list of his greatest hits, any guy will be able to find a few tunes that will make that special someone become "putty" in his hands.



counting crows

Counting Crows

Description:  The Crows pulled out some big hits during the mid-90's.  They're still going strong with their lively, yet thought provoking style.

Why they're TOP 5:  Mr. Jones.  That song right there would probably warrant consideration, but the fact remains that the Crows also managed to come out with a bunch of other great tunes.  They're an awesome group to listen to when you just feel like kicking back and relaxing. 


Dave Matthews Band

Description:  The ultimate druggie band, Dave Matthews has managed to simultaneously fly low under the radar with regards to MTV and radio stations, yet remain incredibly popular.  They have the most loyal, and "high" fan base of any group.

Why they're TOP 5:  They are by far the most talented band on this list, and probably the most talented of any group in the world.  However, talent will only get you so far in the TOP 5.  Still, Dave has managed to produce some of the best mentally stimulating music which is perfect background music to play during those Biochemistry study sessions.




Description:  They're only the biggest rock stars ever.  I'd say in total popularity they fall only behind the Beatles. They've managed to stay at the top for over two decades, and have brought us some of the most inspiring and unforgettable songs ever.  Up until recently, Bono and his boys held the #1 position.  However, the up and coming Coldplay who have been heralded as "The Next U2" managed to steal the top spot with their incredible album, X&Y.  So now that I've spoiled the countdown, here's Coldplay…

Why it's TOP 5:  Give me a decent reason why they shouldn't be… cause I sure can't think of one.




Description: Coldplay began as a "cult" band with a small following, but now have morphed into a global phenomenon.  Led by the uber-cool Chris Martin, Coldplay's songs have topped the charts and found their way into movies and TV shows galore.  And the scary part of it all is that with only three albums, Coldplay hasn't even entered their prime.  I'm expecting big things, from the soon to be "biggest band in the world".

Why it's TOP 5:  They're like my own personal band.  I happened to stumble onto Coldplay a while ago and thought their stuff was good, and so I found some more and that was good too. And after a while I managed to find it all, and well, it was all good.  I just kept on listening to Coldplay without anyone else having a clue who they were, and then all of a sudden people started mentioning them.  It's kinda cool being able to know that you were with a band before the bandwagon even had wheels.



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