TOP 5 Video Games

These are the five best video games ever made.

Just a side note:  Multiplayer games are not taken into consideration for this.  Has Mario Tennis given me tons of thrills?  Yes.  But with multiplayer games, the thrill comes more from the people you play with then the game itself.  So this will focus just on the single player modes of games.

#5.Resident Evil (Game Cube)

Description:  Try and survive a night of horror in a mansion filled with zombies, undead attack dogs, and other horrifying creatures, all the while piecing together the mystery behind the ominous Umbrella corporation.  This game boasts tons of mind bending puzzles and shocking surprises like this one…

Why it's TOP 5:  There are few games that actually evoke emotions in me when I play them.  When I first started playing Resident Evil, I had this pit in my stomach.  I was in this huge mansion with no clue where to go, only a few bullets, and this sinking feeling that I was about to get my neck chewed on by a zombie.  I was nervous as I opened each new door, fearful of what horror lied behind it.  Now I know I could just hit reset and I'd be fine.  But I seriously got freaked out sometimes, and I'll admit, screamed twice throughout the game.  And I don't scare easy at all believe me.  It's a top notch game, that gives a memorable, and suspenseful experience.

#4.Grand Theft Auto III

Description:  Let loose in Liberty City.  Grab a gun, steal a car, and let the good times roll.  Besides offering seventy plus missions, GTA 3 also boasts three insanely huge levels.  You won't find a more over the limit game anywhere else.

Why it's TOP 5:  Ok, here's the deal.  In the 15 years that I've liked video games, never before have I ever spent eight straight hours playing one game, or playing any number of games for that matter.  But GTA just sucked me right in.  It's such a fun game.  There's so much havoc to cause.  This is such a close one with Sunshine.  There's so much that Mario does right, that GTA doesn't offer in graphics, play control, and almost every important aspect of video games.  But Mario has never made me scream out loud (beside out of frustration).  When it comes to pure fun, it doesn't get better than GTA 3.


#3.The Legend of Zelda:  The Ocarina of Time

Description:  Link must recover the Triforce from the clutches of the evil Gannondorf, but to do this, he must embark on a journey though time.  This is the pinnacle game of the Nintendo 64.

Why it's TOP 5:  There's never been a better Zelda game than this one.  It was the best game on the best system ever, at least so far.  PS2, GCN, and XBox still need to prove themselves with some titles that can overtake this one.  The best adventure that you can get in a non-RPG game.  And the suprise! – Maybe I'm the only fool who didn't figure it out, but when they revealed Sheik's identity, I flipped out!  Didn't see it coming.

#2. Chrono Trigger

Description:  Chrono and his band of friends set off on a journey through time to try and stop the "Day of Lavos" in which the world will be destroyed.  This was the definitive game for Super Nintendo, and is still topping the charts today.  Thankfully, Chrono and his team succeeded, because the world was supposed to end in 1999.  Fortunately for us, we're all here several years later.

Why it's TOP 5:  Such an amazing game!  By far the best story ever for a video game.  And the characters are incredible.  It's nipping at the heels of the #1 game, but 16 bit can only do so much.  If this game had the advantages of even the N64, it would be one spot higher.  It just doesn't get much better than this.

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#1.Skies of Arcadia

Description:  Young Vyse and his companions set out on a journey to become the best air pirates in history.  Their quest ultimately leads them into conflict with the Valuan Empire, who seek to rule the world by harnessing the power of the Gigas.  One of the biggest games ever, with so much to explore, tons of side quests, and all around great gameplay.

Why it's TOP 5:  This is what Chrono Trigger would've been if it were made five years later.  While the characters are not quite as good as Chrono's, nor is the story, they are still beyond excellent.  The game brings an adventure like no other.  There's tons of great side-quests in addition to the main plot.  If the ship battles had been a little faster, and the fighting a little lass frequently, this game would be unbeatable, which it may already be.


Honorable Mention:

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Sunshine

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