TOP 5 WWF Wrestlers

These five wrestlers are the best there ever were.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

Description:  "The Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin is a beer-guzzling red-neck that's not only as tough as nails, but also won't take orders from any one.  Austin brought the WWF back from it's massive slump in the mid-90's by challenging the dictator of an owner, Vince McMahon, and wreaking havoc throughout the federation.

Why he's TOP 5:  Austin was the centerpiece of the WWF's superstars when the federation was at its peak of popularity.  He single-handedly brought wrestling back from the dead.  He was an amazing character that no one could root against.  Stone Cold was the poster-boy for the WWF's new "attitude".  Had it not been for his abandonment of the WWF recently, he might have been ranked higher.



Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Description:  The greatest wrestler of the legendary Hart family, Bret has captured the WWF Title several times, most notable at Wrestlemania X against Yokozuna. Besides his success in all facets of wrestling, including tag-team, he's the greatest technical wrestler to ever step foot inside the ring.  When it comes to being an all around good guy, no superstar matches up with "The Hitman".

Why he's TOP 5:  You're probably shocked since Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of all time.  But despite all my sentiment for the guy, I could go no higher than four on this list.  Why?  Because he has done the least for the WWF out of all five guys on this page, and that has to be taken into consideration.  No one has ever been a "gooder" good guy than Bret.  And when Vince forced him to turn heel, it hurt his legendary status.  Which is a big reason why I jumped ship through the mid-90's.


Shawn Michaels

Description:  After super-kicking his tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty through the barber-shop window in one of the most infamous moves in federation history, Shawn quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the biggest stars in the lockerroom.  His ladder match against Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X may be the greatest match ever.  Shawn single-handedly brought the WWF through it's darkest days in the mid-90's.

Why he's TOP 5:  "The Showstopper" just may be the best wrestler in the history of the WWF.  He can't match Bret Hart technically, but in the modern era's more extreme style, Shawn can compete with the best of them.  When it comes to having the charisma to get the crowd going during a match, Shawn Michaels is second to none.  Although it appeared that his career ended in his title match with Stone Cold at Wrestlemania XIV, Shawn has made a comeback and is still one of the top stars in the WWF today.  (I will never call it the WWE.  I hate that.)



Hulk Hogan

Description:  During the 80's Hulkamania was runnin' wild throughout the WWF.  He became a legend by defeating Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III.  Hogan was the WWF's main attraction for about a decade.  An amazing feat that most likely will never be duplicated.

Why he's TOP 5:  It's arguable that the Hulkster should be #1.  After all, he made the WWF popular.  Had it not been for Hogan, this page would probably not exist.  The WWF never really caught on until Hulk Hogan took the reigns.  But I just couldn't put him at #1.  First off, he may be the worst wrestler at actually wrestling.  He's terrible.  The Leg Drop? What's that?  Would that ever finish anyone off?  Plus, he didn't know when to stay dead.  His time in the limelight ended at Wrestlemania IX.  The fact that he decided to show up for Wrestlemania X8 only tarnishes his beautiful career.  Kinda like MJ coming to play for the Wiz…bad move.



The Rock

Description:  The Rock has held the WWF Title more than any other wrestler in history.  This third generation superstar has all the talents necessary to become the greatest superstar ever.  Give props to DeROK for jumping on the Rock's wagon before he got big.  I was a huge Rock fan, and despite his turning on us and becoming a bad guy at Survivor Series '98 when he won his first title, it was still a magical moment.  The Rock is currently the biggest name in the buisness, and as long as he stays focused on the buisness and not on making movies, he'll be #1 forever.

The Rock is the greatest, most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  No one can pump up a crowd giving a speech like the Rock.  Nobody can

Why he's TOP 5: The Rock is the greatest, most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  No one can pump up a crowd giving a speech like the Rock.  Nobody can humiliate their opponent like the Rock.  The Rock is Hulk Hogan to the 10th power, and only needs to tap that energy a little more often in the wrestling ring instead of on the movie set.  It's safe to say that no wrestler has ever been bigger than the Rock.  And most likely, none will ever be bigger…If you smell what The Rock is Cooking!


Honorable Mention:

Mick Foley



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