Wolves LOST the Lottery, now what?

I give last night's Lost finale two thumbs up.  I haven't checked in with Mike and Roundhouse, the other two Lost junkies on the TWB staff, (CW is so lame…) to hear their thoughts, but overall, I felt that the finale wrapped up the show nicely and reminded us all of the fact that we've been treated to six seasons of a television masterpiece.  Some people are probably disappointed that we didnt' get more "answers".  My personal take is that even though I don't know all the details, I know enough to understand the overall story of the show, and after six years of waiting, no answer that the writers could give me would've lived up to the hype anyway.  I think it's actually better to have things left somewhat open-ended vs. having a discrete answer that I thought was lame.

Anyway, here's your Wolves news.  Overall, there's not much to report this morning other than some mild, and probably baseless, draft speculation.


From Ray Richardson, Pioneer Press:

Kahn and Wolves coach Kurt Rambis have identified an athletic small forward/shooting guard as a key offseason priority for the club, and Johnson, a first-team All-American last season, appears to fill that role. ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale called Johnson the best small forward in the draft.

"Johnson would be a solid pick for Minnesota," Vitale said. "He's got the athleticism, quickness and explosiveness you want in a player at his position."

An interesting decision faces the Wolves if they stay at No. 4 and New Jersey passes on Cousins, regarded as the best big man in the draft. The question remains whether the 6-foot-11, 292-pound Cousins is a true center or power forward. Vitale and fellow ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas believe Cousins, who left Kentucky after his freshman year, can play center in the NBA.

"He's not a super athlete, but he's got good footwork and he can command a double team," Bilas said of Cousins. "He's got long arms, and he's a load under the basket. He'll bring a team's rebound percentage up."

Yup, the Wolves LOST the lottery, and now we're debating between Wes Johnson and the next Derrick Coleman.  Awesome. Las Vegas Lobos, here we come!


From Jerry Zgoda, Star Tribune:

Monday morning's tentative list of participating players include South Florida guard Dominque Jones, Georgia Tech forward Gani Lawai, Mississippi guard Terrico White, Nevada guard Amon Johnson, Xavier guard Jordan Crawford and Oklahoma forward Tiny Gallon.

The afternoon session is expected to include West Virginia forward Devin Ebanks, Kansas guard Sherron Collins, New Mexico guard Darington Hobson, Tulsa center Jerome Jordan, UTEP forward Derrick Caracter and Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez.

Sorry, but I've LOST any and all excitment about this list of prospects.


From Keith Pompey, Philadelphia Inquirer:

One trade rumor that briefly circulated here involved the Sixers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves want Turner and would give the Sixers their No. 4 and No. 16 picks in exchange for the second pick.

"I won't comment on our trade talks or to the teams that we are talking to or to do our business in the newspaper," Stefanski said of the rumor. "What I will tell the fans is that we will listen to anything. But obviously, that will have to be a strong deal to give up the second pick in the draft."


So that's your daily Wolves news, but more importantly, what did you all think of the Lost finale?  Obviously we could speculate for days about the draft (and we will), but a day after the biggest television finale of our lifetimes, let's take a break and discuss the show in the comments.  Needless to say, if you haven't watched it yet, there will likely be some spoilers…

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