The Lost Season 5 & 6 Review – Part 2

Lost comes to an end.

A continuation of the Lost Season 5 & 6 Review Part 1

Emilie de Ravin
(Claire Littleton)

Crazy Claire…  Some people are still wondering exactly why the psychic
warned Claire that her child shouldn’t be raised by another.  I think
some people assumed that Aaron being raised by somebody else would lead
to a cataclysmic chain of events.  Personally, I think they’re reading
too much into things, because from where I’m sitting, the fact that
having Aaron raised by another caused her to lose her mind and live in
the jungle like a savage seems like a good enough reason to me!

Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim
(Jin and Sun Kwon)

Nobody makes things get dusty in the room like Jin and Sun.  When those
two reunited after nearly two years of real-time separation, the
allergies were really starting to act up.  When they died together on
the submarine, I had to breathe deep and keep telling myself, "this is
only a show" or I would’ve flat-out lost it.  I don’t know what it is
about these two krazy Koreans, but they certainly know how to tug on a
man’s heart strings.

But before we move on… 

I get the fact that Jin and Sun
dying together was all tragically beautiful and everything, but
shouldn’t have Jin left to take care of the baby???  Intentionally dying
when you have a child is just a wee bit irresponsible, don’t you think?

Terry O’Quinn
(John Locke / The Smoke Monster)

Six years ago, if you showed me a preview of the final fight scene where
Jack and Locke were battling to the death on the cliffs, it would have
blown my mind.  The man of science vs. the man of faith going at it like
rabid animals…  unreal!  It would’ve been cool if they could’ve
somehow worked that into the beginning of the series to really mess with
our minds and make us think that Jack and Locke were eventually going
to go at it for real.  Of course, we all know that it wasn’t really John
Locke who Jack was fighting, but The Smoke Monster, which would’ve been
a really cool twist. 

Overall, there’s not much to say about John Locke in Seasons 5 and
6, mostly because he was dead for the majority of them.  However, the
writers deserve a nice tip of the cap by figuring out a way to keep
Terry O’Quinn on the show despite the death of his original character. 


Evangeline Lily
(Kate Austen)

If there was one major "disappointment" with Lost, it’s that they never
really got a solid love story going with the main characters.  I don’t
know if it was Kate’s overall toughness and that hindered her ability to
play the damsel in distress, or if things just got too off-course with
the Jack/Sawyer love triangle, but she just never really took with
either of the lead men.  As I’ve been saying for years, I was never a
big fan of her chemistry with Jack, but felt her and Sawyer made a good
match.  Had the Sawyer/Juliet fling never happened and Kate and Sawyer
fled off into the sunset while Jack saved the island, it might have made
for a more satisfying ending.  Instead, you had Jack and Kate separate
at the end and Kate basically went on to live the rest of her life
without Jack, and Sawyer without Juliet.  Maybe that lack of "storybook"
ending helped make the overall ending more poignant, but part of me
can’t help but feel that it didn’t play out just right.

Jorge Garcia
(Hugo "Hurley" Reyes)

I always knew there was something special about Hurley.  I didn’t know
exactly what his purpose in the show was, but I knew it was something
big.  It turns out that the most unlikely of our Heroes found his
destiny as the protector of the island.  He spent the rest of his days
with his #2 sidekick, Ben.  What happened from there, we’ll never know. 
At some point though, Hurley must’ve found a replacement of his own as
he eventually died and joined the rest of his friends in the Sideways


Josh Holloway
(James Ford, a.k.a. "Sawyer")

Despite the fact that I loved it when Sawyer turned "heel", sappy Sawyer
ultimately ended up winning out in the end.  For a while there, with
Juliet dead and Sawyer furious with Jack, I thought I saw us heading
towards an unforgettable ending…

You have Jacob, who believes that humans can be good.  You have ol’
Smokey who believes they are inherently selfish and dangerous.  Before
they fully fleshed-out the whole Jacob/Man in Black dynamic, I was
thinking that they were both looking for a replacement so that they
could be set free and leave the island.  For a while, I thought a really
cool ending would be something where Kate dies in the last episode and
then you have Jack taking Jacob’s place and a very bitter Sawyer taking
the smoke monster’s place.  The final shot of the series would be Jack
and Sawyer sitting
on the beach starting the whole Jacob/Smoke Monster dynamic over again.
Sawyer would tell Jack, "I’m gonna kill
you one of these days" just like the Man in Black said to Jacob. And
then Jack would, in turn, reply "If you do, somebody will replace me". 
End scene.

Overall, I’m happier with the actual, "happier"
ending, but I thought this would’ve been a cool "darker" ending.


Matthew Fox
(Dr. Jack Shephard)

Lost began with Jack’s eye opening.  It ended with Jack’s eye closing. 
And so my series of Lost reviews will also both begin and end with
Jack.  Without question, no character was more compelling over the past
six years than Jack Shepard.  When we first met him, he was a man of
science, obsessed with the need to fix things.  By the end, he had found
faith and learned to wait and trust others.  Once he had finally
grasped that concept, he was then given the task by Jacob to "fix" the
island once and for all.  He vanquished the Smoke Monster and saved the
island.  In doing so, he reunited his sister with her child and saved
"the love of his life".  As he took his final steps and collapsed on the
ground, he saw his friends safely fly away. And then, in a move that
reeked of cheesiness, but somehow was so fitting, Vincent the dog laid
by his side, so that he didn’t have to die alone. 

We’re used to seeing the hero die at the end.  Braveheart,
Gladiator, Armageddon…  Those are just a few classic movies that end
that way.  However, in those situations, we’re usually invested in the
characters for two hours.  With Jack, we had been invested for six
years.  In some ways, it was incredibly difficult to watch, knowing that
it was the final scene of such an epic story.  Yet at the same time, it
all came together so perfectly.

Throughout the finale, as people in the Sideways world were
"awakened" with flashes of the past, I couldn’t help but think back over
the past six years and all that’s happened both on the show and in my
actual life. Six years ago, I was fresh out of college, feeling in over
my head in medical school, and Wednesday nights at 9pmwas the time when I
would watch this "new" show, Lost, with my friend.  As I sat there
watching the final moments of the show, I could hardly believe where I
was.  I was now a doctor.  That friend I began watching the show with
was now my wife and she was carrying our child. Everything that had
seemed so chaotic six years ago had come together beautifully.  Like
Kate, and Sawyer, and Hurley, and Jin, and Sun, and Charlie, and John
Locke, and Jack, I was Found.

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