Survivor: Cook Islands

The tribes are divided along racial lines in Survivor: Cook Islands.

It’s hard to believe that Survivor is now in its thirteenth season.  But in my opinion, the show just keeps getting better every year as they add new twists, crazier lunatics, and the four or five people on the island with a full brain function have a better grip on the game’s strategy.  Like with last season, Exile Island, I’ll be writing a running blog, covering each episode. I will warn those of you who enjoyed my twelve paragraph diatribes and Mel Kiper Jr.-esque breakdowns of the show, that you aren’t going to find any of that this time around.  I’m ten times busier with school now than I was in the spring, so I can’t devote hours to writing about reality shows.  However, I’ll try to squeeze the pertinent points in every week. 

That being said, Cook Islands is looking extremely promising after only the first episode.  While there doesn’t appear to be an escapee from a mental asylum like Shane Powers in the bunch, there do seem to be several interesting personalities on board.  And when you add in the twist that the tribes are now divided up by race, you just know things are going to get heated up really quickly.  The final bonus is the fact that Exile Island will be making a return this season – a huge plus considering that it was the single greatest improvement to the game they’ve ever made.  All in all, I’m extremely excited to see what the season has in store for us. And in the interest of keeping things short like I promised myself I would – onto the blog…

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