Survivor: Fiji

Tribes are divided into "rich" and "poor" as Survivor heads to Fiji.

survivor fiji

The best reality-TV show in history is now on it’s fourteenth installment with Survivor: Fiji.  I know a lot of people have grown tired of the show’s premise, but for me, each season generally gets better and better.  With new twists that add more strategy, smarter players, and of course crazier players as well, my enjoyment of Survivor has steadily increased with each new band of castaways.  While the past two seasons that I’ve blogged about, Exile Island and Cook Islands have set the bar extremely high, I’ve got no reason to believe that Survivor: Fiji will buck the trend and be any type of a letdown. 

The new twists that Survivor: Fiji has brought to the table are a second hidden immunity idol, as well as the separation of the tribes into the have and have-nots.  While one tribe is living in the lap of luxury with a trick-ed out camp that includes a kitchen, couch, and toilet, the other tribe will be forced to make due with nothing but a pot and a machete.  Should be pretty interesting…  Well anyway, enough of my intro.  Onto the Survivor: Fiji Blog!

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