Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Episode 10

The merge and a double-idol play.

Survivor: Heroes vs. VillainsBlog: Episode 10

11th Elimination: JT


It’s been a busy week, so unfortunately, I’ll have to make it quick regarding this massively important episode…

#1 – I made my “pick” this season by banking on the fact that Amanda had learned from her breakdowns at her previous two final tribal councils.  Both times she got emotional, apologetic, and weepy and completely turned the jury against her.  However, after seeing the way she struggled to “lie” to her old pal, Parvati, I’m not so sure that Amanda is emotionally cut out for the times when this game requires you to be vicious.  Parvati saw right through Amanda’s ploy to force out the idol by telling Parvati that the Heroes were voting for her.  Amanda got all nervous and doe-eyed and totally tipped her hand.  As a result, Parv was able feel secure enough to blindside the Heroes by tossing her two idols to Sandra and Jeri, thereby knocking out JT.  Amanda would’ve been better off saying nothing.  Unfortunately, you can’t win at the final tribal council by saying nothing…

#2 – As effective as Parvati’s double idol giveaway was for making sure a Hero went home, I still don’t like the move.  With Sandra out there as a wild card, the numbers are actually 4 to 4 to 1, not 5-4 in favor of the Villains.  If you could count on Sandra and be up 5-4, than the move was pure money.  However, losing two idols is simply too high of a price to pay when Sandra could easily flip and put you down 5-4.  Not only are you down in that situation, but you just lost all your protection. 

A better move, in my opinion, would have been to sit tight.  Parvati obviously felt confident that she wasn’t being voted for.  She should’ve just held onto the idols.  Likely, there would’ve been a 5-5 tie.   JT and Jeri would’ve squared off.  If Jeri wins, you’re in the same boat as you are now, but you have two idols.  If JT wins, you’re down 5 to 3 to 1, however, you have two hidden weapons to try and turn the tide.  Also, being down 5 to 3 to 1 almost forces Sandra to stay with you due to numbers, so it’s really more like 5-4 with two idols.  The bottom line is that I’d rather be slightly down in the numbers with two idols in my pocket, than tied with no idols.

#3 – Sandra is absolutely the most important player left in this game.  She’s a huuuuuuuuge swing vote.  Unfortunately for her, she’s on the outs with everyone and making it to the end will be very tough.  I was thinking of a way for Sandra to win despite having no alliance, and I think I’ve found a way.  Last week she voted with the Villains to make the vote 5-5.  Next week, she should vote with the Heroes and make the vote 5-4.  The next week, she flips back to the Villains and goes 4-4.  Basically, if she keeps flip-flopping, then every week one alliance will be desperate for her vote.  She’ll never end up in a situation where she’s the last person in an alliance of four or five people and gets picked off.  If either of the alliances try to take her out for flip-flopping, they’ll basically be signing their own death warrant since her vote will be the vital one each week.  In the end, she can easily justify her flip-flopping to the jury since she was stuck without an alliance.  It’s a long shot, but it’s probably her best bet.

That’s all I have time for this week!  It’ll be interesting to see how Sandra plays it from here on out…

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