Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Episode 5

Brains continue to defeat brawn.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Blog: Episode 5

5th Elimination: Tom

All brains and no brawn makes the Heroes very vulnerable…

We’re now five episodes into the season, and the Villains have managed to jump out to an astounding 4-1 lead in immunity challenges.  I never would’ve seen this coming, considering that the Heroes tribe contains some of the best physical contestants the game has ever seen and, well, all of the Villain men combined are smaller than James.  In the game of Survivor, however, brains tend to trump brawn, and the Villains clearly have more between the ears than their opponents.  It seems that no matter how large of a lead the Heroes may have, when it comes time to do the puzzle portion of the challenge, the Villains always manage to catch up.  I would bet the house that the next immunity challenge involves some combination of rolling boulders, sledge hammering cinder blocks, and the shotput.  There’s no way the producers want to see a lop-sided 9-5 advantage for the Villains. 

Quick Note:  How ridiculous was Colby’s “I don’t want chocolate!  I’m focused.  Let’s start the challenge!” act?  Colby = tool.   I’ve been saying it for the past decade, and finally, he’s managed to go so far over the top with this “good guy” routine, that America can’t help but notice that fact.  America, you are noticing this, right?  I feel vindicated.

This week wasn’t the most strategic, so I’ll keep this blog post short.  Really, the only big question raised was whether JT would flip back to Amanda/James/Rupert after flipping on them for Tom/Colby who he had earlier flipped on by voting of Stephenie.  Thankfully for my “pick”, Amanda, he proved yet again that he is completely untrustworthy. 

JT really kills me.  Just two weeks ago I wrote about how he was in prime position to take over the game.   Then he made the dumb move to take out Cirie, completely outing himself as a lying weasel and crippling his position in the game.  If I had to pick the one person with NO chance to win this game right now, it’s JT.  Who’s voting for him now that he’s lied to everyone and already has a million dollars? That’s how bad of a move taking out Cirie was.

JT’s logic was that Cirie couldn’t be trusted after the merge.  Let’s think about this…    JT could be sitting with his reputation intact, potentially with a hidden immunity idol that he suckered from Tom, and have a tribe consisting of James, Rupert, Amanda, Candice, and Cirie.  Instead, everyone can’t stand him, he has no idol, and he’s on a tribe with James, Rupert, Amanda, Candice, and Colby.  My question is this:  Is Colby so much more trustworthy after the merge than Cirire, that it was worth sacrificing your reputation and possibly the immunity idol? 

Not. A. Chance.

If Colby’s still kicking at the merge, you can rest assured that he’ll be making a deal with the devils.  Cirie may have stuck with Candice, Amanda, and James.  Colby is flipping, no doubt. The Heroes have made it quite clear that he’s not a part of their alliance, but there will certainly be some Villains using his vote to swing the game.  In all honesty, if Colby can survive to the merge (and it’s doubtful), he may be in the best position of all his tribe mates.  The dude is a free vote.

Before I wrap up, let me just say that I’m glad Russell found that idol.  After all, he put a major target on his back by looking for it, and it would’ve been a shame to see him picked off so easily.  I’m also glad because it means we’re about to see perhaps the greatest Survivor showdown in history:  Boston Rob vs. Russell. 

I’ve always felt bitter that the producers pulled out a gimmicky “three person final” in Cook Islands and robbed us all of watching Ozzy and Yul go head to head in the final immunity challenge.  Yes, whoever won would’ve taken Becky to the final and cleaned up, but I would’ve glady dealt with an obvious and boring final tribal council to witness that epic battle.  Yet, while Ozzy/Yul would’ve been a classic physical contest, what’s about to unfold between Boston Rob and Russell will clearly take things to a whole other level.  These are two of the sneakiest, dirtiest, strongest personalities to ever play the game, and they are dead-set on taking each other out. 

By my count, Rob has Jeri and Sandra in his pocket.  Russell has Parvati and Coach. (Loved King Russell knighting the Dragon Slayer, by the way!) That leaves three votes to settle the score – Tyson, Danielle, and Courtney.  I couldn’t begin to tell you which way those three will vote, but I will tell you one thing – Russell has the idol, and that’s a HUGE advantage.  With the idol, he doesn’t even need the numbers to take Rob out.  And once he does, then King Russell will rule the island once again!

…Until the Black Queen Parvati chops off his head!

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